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OpenStack Unleashes Bobcat: A Leap Forward in Open-Source Cloud Infrastructure

The newest OpenStack Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud release is out. 

The OpenStack community unveiled Bobcat, its 28th version, on October 4, 2023. This new Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud release came with 10,476 changes and was authored by over 580 contributors. This milestone is integral to the Linux, OpenStack, and Kubernetes Infrastructure (LOKI) stack. LOKI has become an open-source standard and the backbone of modern cloud infrastructure.

Among other significant updates, Bobcat boasts:

Bobcat is the second in a new OpenStack release cadence. In the past, the expectation was that operators would upgrade every six months. That was a bit much! Now, you can opt into a once-a-year upgrade cycle with every Skip Level Upgrade Release Process (SLURP) release. Not-SLURP releases are available each six-month interim for those wishing to upgrade more frequently. OpenStack Bobcat is a not-SLURP release.

Kendall Nelson, a senior OpenInfra Foundation developer advocate, lauded the collaborative efforts that birthed Bobcat. “The engagement of operators and end users with the upstream community has been instrumental in shaping the features of Bobcat,” Nelson noted. OpenStack’s reputation for stability and innovation is unwavering, driving advancements in AI, machine learning, and edge computing.

This stability is critical to the numerous telecommunications companies that rely on it for their 4 and 5G deployments. They can't afford downtime.

For more details on what's in Bobcat, check out its release notes. Bobcat is now available for download. Looking ahead, OpenStack's next major update, Caracal, should be out in April 2024.

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