CIQ Mountain: SysAdm, DevOps, and Secure Rocky Linux Images 

Rocky Linux takes another step forward as a top business Linux distribution.

With CentOS 7 coming to the end of its days, CentOS Linux clones such as AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux are rapidly gaining in popularity for business users To help f=graner more of an audience, CIQ has expanded its Rocky portfolio with the introduction of a new service: CIQ Mountain.

CIQ Mountain is both a SysAdmin tool, somewhat like Red Hat Satellite, and a DevOps program. It's meant to make life easier for businesses, whether they're in a home office or a Fortune 500 company.

The service makes security and user management a priority. With secure access, single sign-on (SSO), and tailored features like Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure (CVE), reporting, and authentication by subscription. It also includes a comprehensive key management system to ensure sensitive data stays secure while offering straightforward encryption key administration. This all helps you to create a secure, protected environment.

Mountain provides easy access to CIQ-supported versions of Rocky Linux, including Long-Term Support (LTS), which provides customers extended stability, critical security updates, and priority bug fixes for specific versions of Rocky Linux for up to 24 months after release.

On the DevOps side of things, CIQ Mountain offers software and artifact delivery and lifecycle management for solution management at all scales. Whether your software infrastructure resides on-premise or in the cloud, CIQ Mountain has been designed to enhance efficiency and combine it with ease of use.

At launch, CIQ Mountain brings to market a set of certified and supported assets and turnkey solutions. These include Rocky Linux images, verifiable packages, containers, individual applications, and microservices, along with their associated configurations. It also supports private mirroring of these curated assets These are available as images and packages via local mirror availability. The local mirror supports DNF, YUM, and RPM.

However, this is just the beginning. CIQ is already planning to augment CIQ Mountain with additional capabilities. These will target specific use cases or segments. This includes academic research, commercial simulation, and life sciences.

"Organizations are confronted with the pressing challenge of managing solutions securely across the software lifecycle on a variety of infrastructure types, both on-premise and in the cloud,” said Gregory Kurtzer, CIQ's CEO, and Rocky Linux's founder. “Mountain is an exceptional solution for these issues, facilitating operating system management, validation, compliance, and solution deployment for everyone."